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Specna Arms CORE(TM) BIO 0,28g, 3500 BBs pellets – White


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Specna Arms BBs are suitable ammunition for all types of airsoft (6mm) guns, whether it’s airsoft pistols, rifles, submachine guns, machine guns, or sniper rifles powered by AEG, GAS, HPA, or manual. Specna Arms is a popular firearms manufacturer, so it’s no surprise they decided to produce their own brand of ammunition.
Specna Arms produces high-quality 6mm ammunition with a tolerance of 5.95mm plus /- 0.01 mm, suitable for precise barrels. The BBs are available in various weights, in both classic and BIO (environmentally degradable) designs, required by some AS fields.Each BB from Specna Arms undergoes careful polishing for maximum shine. With full control of the manufacturing process, you can be sure you’ll get BBs with perfectly round shape, ensuring smooth feeding from magazines and stable rotation by the Hop-Up.

Specna Arms offers several series of BBs:

Core (high-quality ammo at a reasonable price, suitable for high-rate-of-fire guns)
Edge (perfectly round and polished ammo for precise barrels, suitable for DMR and rifles aiming for the highest accuracy)
One (a compromise between the Core series and the more expensive Edge series)

The quality and cleanliness of ammunition, along with the barrel and hop-up rubber, are crucial elements for accurate shooting. It is essential to guard against impurities reaching the BBs (e.g., in the magazine during crawling, etc.). Also, it is necessary to clean the inner barrel from impurities that could adversely affect shooting results.


Approximate quantity in the package: 3500
Weight of one BB: 0.28g
Material: BIO plastic (ecological PLA)
Color: white
Diameter: 5.95 mm plus /- 0.01
Package type: resealable bag, sealed