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Deer stew with potato sticks


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When you’re looking for something more than just a simple meal at airsoft. Adventure Menu’s deer ragout with potato wedges is the right choice for you. This dish brings you the luxurious taste of deer meat, slow cooked until tender, along with rustic potato wedges that perfectly complement this delicacy. Each bite is full of flavours and aromas, reminiscent of wandering through the wilderness. Its preparation is simple and quick, allowing you to enjoy this gourmet dish anywhere in the field. Deer ragout with potato wedges is not only nutritious, but also offers an unforgettable taste experience, giving you the energy and strength you need for your next airsoft challenge. This dish is the perfect combination of wildlife, nutrition and culinary artistry to brighten your airsoft day.Adventure Menu’s Deer Ragout with Potato Sticks is like a gourmet journey into the heart of the wilderness for any airsoft warrior. This rich and bold dish will add energy and a taste of the forest to yours for anyone who tastes it.
This meal is a better alternative to the MRE.
potato wedges (28procent Potato, wheat flour, wheat semolina, eggs, salt), deer meat (30procent), root vegetables (carrots, celery, parsley), red wine, sunflower oil, bacon, tomato puree (tomatoes , salt, sugar), wheat flour, lemon, blackcurrant jam (currants, sugar, pectin), sugar, salt, wild spices.
Allergy Information: Contains gluten, celery, eggs.
1 package – weight: 500 g plus – 5procent