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Rice pudding with plums


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After a day in the field, you deserve a moment of comfort, and Adventure Menu’s Rice Pudding with Plums is a great way to indulge. This traditional dish combines creamy rice with the rich flavour of plums, creating the perfect harmony of sweetness and comfort. Its lightweight packaging and easy preparation allows you to quickly whip up a sweet treat that will give you the energy you need and calm your mind. Rice pudding with plums is not only nutritious, but also provides comfort and sweet relief after a hard day. With this dish from Adventure Menu, you can enjoy a moment of peace and recharge your batteries for your future airsoft adventures.
This meal is a better alternative to the MRE.
Cow’s milk, long grain rice, compote plums (plums, water, sugar, citric acid), egg, beet sugar, butter, salt, cinnamon.
Allergy information: contains lactose
1 pack – weight 250 g plus – 5procent