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Sleeping bag NAUTILUS Snugpak(R) – OD


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REF: SNUGPAK019 Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 56675


This sleeping bag for the temperature class in the comfort of 3 degrees Celsius and in the extreme down to -2 degrees Celsius will provide you with comfort during your trips to nature. It is equipped with a convenient fastening with two zippers, one of which is located on the left side and is used to open the entire left edge, and the other is located along the entire bottom edge.
You can simply unzip the sleeping bag and turn it into an effective blanket in seconds. This is a very versatile and multifunctional sleeping bag that you will certainly be satisfied with.
Of course, the compression package is also included. The total weight of the sleeping bag is 1400 grams, and thanks to the not too long transport length, you will have a sleeping bag at your disposal that does not take up much space.
Benefits you need to know about:

Suitable up to 3 degrees Celsius, when it offers comfortable comfort
Convenient two-zip closure
It is possible to unzip it completely
Compression package of components