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The Sleeping Bag Snugpak(R) – Olive


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This mummy shape sleeping bag can accompany you on your outdoor trips or when camping. Temperature rating provides comfort up to -2 °C , in extreme -7 °C.
It has side zip on the left side for easy handling and elasticated drawcord-adjustable hood.
Its pack size is quite small (40x24x24cm) and weight is only 1650 g. When unfolded it offers comfort of 220cm.
It is made from 100 procent polyester and supplied in compression sack.
Main benefits of The Sleeping Bag Snugpak(R)

From UK company Snugpak
High-quality materials
Suitable for temperatures -2 °C (comfort) up to -7 °C (low rating)
Zip fastening
Excellent transportation properties
Supplied with compression sack 
Made from 100 procent polyester