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Goggles BOLLE Squale CLEAR



REF: BOLLE15 Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 57559


Goggles from Bolle company , which can be used over prescription glasses.

adjustable feet
upper and lower eye protection
glass according to European standard EN 166
scratch protection (anti- scratch)
anti-fog (anti-fog)
weight: 43 g

Standard EN 166:
European Standard EN 166:2001 has the status of Slovak technical standards
This European standard deals with the general functional requirements for different types of eye protection and includes for example:

basic requirements for all eye protection
various additional and optional requirements
distribution requirements and tests use

requirements for transfer factor for different types of filters are given in the standards (see Chapter 2).
This European standard applies to all types of eye protection used against various risks to which it is possible to encounter in industry, laboratories, educational institutions, leisure activities, etc., which are likely to damage the eyes or vision, with the exception of ionizing radiation, X-rays, laser radiation and low temperature infrared (IR) radiation emitted by low temperature sources.
The requirements of this standard do not apply to selected eye protection, for which there are complete standards, such as eye protection against laser, sun-glasses for general use, etc., if the link to the standard.
The requirements of this standard apply to lenses for welding and allied processes, but is unrelated to funding for eye and face protection during welding and allied processes, because the requirements contained in EN 175
eye protection.