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Full face Transformers Ultimate Mask V2, mesh – Black


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REF: WOSP14-BK Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 51488


The mask is made out of plastic. The mask consists of goggles made out of a metal mesh, a part that covers the face and neck, and a part that covers the forehead. The inner part of the goggles has a soft lining that reduces abrasions and injuries to the face. The elastic fastening strap is adjustable in length. The part covering the mouth, neck and forehead has ventilation holes. The mask is modular – it’s possible to detach some elements, it is also possible to detach the goggles completely. 
The product does not constitute ballistic eye protection and using it for this purpose is inconsistent with its intended use. Ballistic tests have shown that BB splinters, resulting from the collision of the BB with the net, can get through the grids (especially when using biodegradable BB’s)
The seller and the manufacturer are not responsible for using the product to protect the user’s eyes in airsoft games with the use of airsoft replicas. This also applies to any possible health related issues of the user or damage to property, and the product complaint does not apply.