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Universal belt holster GB34 Sub-Compact (Glock 19, USP, CZ Duty) – MC


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We offer you the tactical GB34 holster, made from durable nylon material that ensures reliable protection and long lifespan. This tactical holster is designed with a focus on safety and quick access to your weapon.
Its unique design utilizes a GLS-style safety mechanism, securely holding your Sub-Compact series pistol in place. The holster is ideal for those who want to keep their weapon readily accessible with maximum reliability and comfort.

Compatible Pistols
Glock (19, 23, 38)Ruger (9E, SR-40)H a K (USP, USP Compact, 45pistol, P30, 45C, VP9)S a W (M a P 45 4″, SW40F)Springfield XDS .45 4″SIG P225 (-version without RIS rail)

The belt attachment system ensures secure and comfortable carry, while the nylon adds lightweight and durability. This is an ideal choice for all airsoft enthusiasts, military simulations, and outdoor activities seeking a reliable and tactical solution for carrying their pistols.
Choose quality and safety with the GB34 belt plastic holster.

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