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Li-Pol battery X-Cell 7,4V 2200mAh, 30C – Monoblock


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Revitalize your arsenal with the Li-Pol battery from X-Cell, a part of the production of the American company Rayovac (battery specialist since 1906). This not only high-performance but also reliable and long-lasting battery will bring a new dimension to your games at an attractive price.
Li-Pol Technology:
Many AEG users now prefer Li-Pol batteries as they can provide better energy efficiency in a smaller package. Most Li-Pol batteries are approximately the same size as Mini batteries, and their performance matches large NiMH batteries. These compact Li-Po batteries eliminate the need for battery pouches, battery boxes, or large batteries clumsily attached to smaller weapons.
The battery is equipped with premium Li-Pol cells that ensure stable and high performance for your airsoft weapon. Thanks to them, your weapon will have higher rate of fire, better trigger response, and most importantly, it will shoot longer (even in cold weather!)
In terms of size and design, batteries can be divided into the following shapes:

Monoblock (larger battery block for fixed stocks and machine gun magazines or handguards)
PEQ (small battery block for AN/PEQ boxes)
Stick (long narrow stick battery suitable for AK, CZ Scorpion Evo, CZ 805 BREN weapons)
Buffer stick (long narrow battery in the – plus design for 130 x 20 x20 mm tube (buffer) of the stock)
Mini stick (extra short stick battery for weapons with compact PDW stocks like ARP9 etc., or for VFC MP7 AEG weapons)
Nunchuck (two-piece stick battery for CRANE/SOPMOD stocks, including EBB weapons like Marui NGRS, BOLT, etc.) and handguards
Crane (three-piece stick battery suitable for CRANE/SOPMOD stocks with side storage space and part of the battery is in the tube)

Battery Specifications:

Configuration: single block
Connector: Tamiya (small)
Voltage: 7.4V
Capacity: 2200mAh
Discharge Current: 30C
Supplied with a balancing connector.
Suitable for AEGs operating with an output power of up to 1.7 Joules (130 plus m/s).
Dimensions o cell: 105 x 35 x 16,5 mm