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Specna Arms Protective bag for Li-Pol/Li-Ion batteries (18 x 23 cm)


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The bag is made of non-flammable material and is resistant to puncture, ensuring safe battery storage, even during charging. Its design is intended to minimize risks associated with Li-Pol and Li-Ion batteries.Li-Pol (lithium-polymer) and Li-Ion (lithium-ion) batteries are popular for their high energy density, lightweight, and compact size, but they carry certain risks, especially if not used or stored correctly.

Some of the main risks include:

Overcharging:Overcharging can cause overheating and potentially trigger a thermal reaction or fire.
Overdischarging:Exceeding the maximum allowed power or current draw can lead to overheating and fire.
Physical damage:Puncture or damage to the battery casing can cause electrolyte leakage and fire.
Temperature influences:Extremely high temperatures can affect battery stability and lead to undesirable reactions (e.g., storing in a car in hot summer).
Undercharging:Keeping the battery at low charge can lead to a short circuit or unpredictable chemical reactions.
Incorrect charging:Using the wrong charger or charging without supervision can increase the risk.

Main advantages of the protective bag for Li-Pol/Li-Ion batteries:

Safe storage: The protective bag ensures safe battery storage due to its non-flammable material and puncture resistance.

Safe transport: It provides secure transportation of batteries, minimizing the risk of damage from sharp objects in a backpack.

Charging with certainty: The protective bag allows safe charging of batteries, preventing risks associated with Li-Pol and Li-Ion batteries.

With this protective bag, you can have peace of mind knowing that your Li-Pol/Li-Ion batteries are safe and protected from potential risks.