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MIL-TEC lightstick (8-12h) – White


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REF: MILT27 Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 60058


– Safety illuminating chemical sticks | – intensity: 8-12 clock | – length: 15 cm, thickness 1 cm 
– colors: yellow, green, red, white, blue and – ideally in emergency situations, for camping, fishing, diving, popular, however, as well as to become  Helloween – used by the military, police, firefighters, divers, etc. in situations where it is dangerous to light a fire 
– sticks do not issue heat (You can use them in places where there is danger of fire or explosion), are waterproof (work in rain or underwater), issued immediately after the activation of light | – activation bending and shaking
– part packing string