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Suppressor (silencer) A.E.I. 160 x 40mm


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REF: ASPRO253 Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 57681


Full metal sound suppressor for all airsoft guns. Lenght 160mm, width 40mm. Suppressor has M14 counter clockwise thread.
So it is suitable for the most of AEGs such as M4,M16, AK, AUG, G36..etc.

Full metal construction (AL6061T6)
Dimensions: 160x40mm
Weight: 180g
Matt black chemical surface (Not poor painting)
Attractive design plus printed text.
Made in Czech republic on CNC machines
Standard 14mm left (counter) clockwise thread. 
Suppressor is only for airsoft guns or as a decoration. Not for the real firearms.
Supplied in a carton box.

   We also offer center insert for longer inner barrels which goes thru suppressor. With the special adapter you can attach the suppressor on the  sniper rifles, WE or ASG pistols.