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The mock regulator is constructed from high quality metals with CNC parts, to give an amazing finish. The regulator is quick detach, and locks back exactly into place when refitted, and comes with a 14mm CCW flash hider allowing you to fit it to your Airsoft replica.
To release the mock regulator you push the release button and twist. To refit simply screw the mock Airsoft regulator back on until the ratchet mechanism kicks in. Thanks to the design of the mechanism the regulator will always lock in the same position, allowing you to shim the flash hider to have the suppressor always stop at the perfect position.
This suppressor is perfect for those Airsoft skirmishers who want nothing but the best kit for their replica, or for those who are looking for key elements to finish off their UKSF loadout that they’ve working on for so long.

Based on the Warden Blast Regulator
38mm diameter
Quick detatch system
6061 Aluminium Body
Steel flash hider
SOCOM556 Type Aflash hider
14mm CCW thread
QPQ Coated flash hider
Lock and ratchet system
Grub screw secure flash hider

Package Includes:

Warden Blast Dummy
SOCOM556 Type A Style Muzzle Brake

Special Instructions:
Though this may look like a dummy suppressor it will have no affect on the quietness of your replica, and is simply for looks.