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Carbine 416 (SA-H02 ONE(TM)) – Chaos Bronze


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Gear up for battle with the outstanding Specna Arms airsoft rifle, the SA-H02 ONE. This black classic, based on the 416 model, impresses not only with its design but also with its internal configuration. It offers unparalleled performance and reliability appreciated by both beginners and experienced players.
Manufactured by the increasingly popular brand among Czech players, Specna Arms, this rifle repeatedly tops the list of favorite weapons in the Czech airsoft community. Right out of the box, it delivers exceptional value for money and has great potential for upgrades. In short, buy it, unbox it, and start playing!

High-quality metal body
RIS handguard
Crane stock for multi-part battery placement
V2 mechabox with Enter a Covert QD system
Steel spring guide
Quality metal air seal parts
8mm ball bearings for smooth operation
Set of gears with an 18:1 ratio
Polymer rotary hop-up chamber

Performance and Range The SA-H02 ONE is equipped with premium parts and a durable mechabox frame, pushing the performance of this weapon beyond others. With excellent range, this rifle is ideal for any game, from short-range CQB skirmishes to tactical moves at longer distances. Its base velocity is around 400 FPS, making it perfect for events with muzzle velocity limits. Thanks to an easy spring swap without disassembling the entire mechabox, you can adjust the power and range according to your needs.
Mechabox and Internal Components The SA-H02 ONE features a high-quality mechabox ensuring reliable operation and minimal wear on internal components with the stock spring. This means the rifle is not only powerful but also durable and reliable even during intense usage. The internal components are carefully selected and assembled to provide optimal performance and accuracy. The gun is ready for use with both standard and Li-Pol batteries 7.4 V and 11.1 V (available in suitable accessories). Recommended ammunition of 0.25-0.28g can be found in the suggested accessories.
Exterior Build The Specna Arms SA-H02..