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MRP Combat (L) (Black)


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The MRP rifle is modified by the M4 company LMT (Lewis Machine Tool). On the weapon we find LMT aluminum forearm under license, ergonomic handle and crane stock made of high quality polymer. The body is made of zinc alloy. On the body of the MRP rifle you will find the deeply embossed LMT logo. Inside the weapon there is a reinforced V2 gearbox with 8 mm ball bearings, a 110 spring and an M120 engine. The approximate power of the weapon is 110 m / s with bullets weighing 0.20 g.

 Beautifully crafted body under LMT license
 Ergonomic handle
 Standard Tokyo Marui – high part compatibility for upgrade
 RIS handguard 
 LTM sponge embossed logo
 Crane stock – possibility to install a split battery
 Reinforced gearbox v2
 Quality ball bearings (high)
 GP120 speed engine
 The weapon does not contain a mosfet
 Approximate muzzle velocity is 110m / s

 Package contents:
 Vertical grip 
 Pressure magazine for 130 balls
ATTENTION!! The package does not contain a battery or charger !!!!
We recommend using 7.4 and 8.6V batteries.