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P226 VIRUS F226 Chrome slide, Metal, blowback, LED BOX


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WE Model Company are back with the next in their “Biohazard” series of pistols, following in the footsteps of the Tokyo Marui series. This time we have the P-Virus 226 which is WE-model companys’ take on the TM Leon Model “Sentinal Nine” a sidearm featured briefly in “Resident Evil 6” It comes with a stack of cosmetic extras as well as a very useful extended magazine. The display case has built in LED’s that can be activated using the button on the top of the case.
P226 is the sidearm of U.S. Navy Seals Special Force. When it comes down to accuracy, dependability, ease of use, safety a longevity, P226 is on top of the list. Its exceptional ergonomics and balance make this high capacity full-size pistol easy to fire.