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Steyr Aug with silencer (SW-020-AM) – Black


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REF: SWOLF031-BK Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 51381


High strength, light-weight polymer receiver w/ heavy duty metal barrel assembly
Built-in AUG 2.5x combat scope. Integrated back-up front and rear sights
QD barrel system for easy maintenance
Built-in folding vertical fore grip and sling swivel attachment point
Removable Phantom suppressor with integrated rails for attachments and accessories. Bipod included
Locking charging handle and mock bolt for easy hop-up adjustment
Cross-bolt safety bar also functions as fire selector
Rubber covers over bolt covers prevents dirt and dust getting into hop-up area

Armee-Universal-Gewehr (Universal Army Rifle) or AUG is a futuristic assault rifle developed during the 1960s in Austria to replace the aging 7.62mm FAL automatic rifles in service at the time.Often considered as the first successful bullpup rifle, the AUG was indeed well ahead of its time as far as concept and design; it was highly advanced when it first went into service in the late 1970s.Its bullpup design which moves the core of the rifles action behind the trigger allows for the use of a full length rifle barrel in a weapon with the ergonomics of a sub-machine gun. Some other significant features include fully ambidextrous controls and reversible charging handle and shell ejection port allowing the rifle to be configured for both left and right handed shooters. The unique two stage trigger allows the user to fire in semi-auto and full-auto without needing to manipulate a selector switch; for semi-automatic fire, the operator will just pull the trigger half way and if fully-automatic fire was necessary, the operator needs to only pull the trigger all the way back.Chambered in the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge for its ease of use and handling, the futuristic family of rifles in the AUG line can be quickly adapted to accommodate a wide variety of roles in the ever changing battlefield with just a quick swap of the barrel. The AUG is definitely a well-rounded combat weapon with a proven track record that can stand its own even with todays modern combat