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VORSK Hi-Capa 5.1 CS Vengeance BDS GBB – Blue


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With respect to the motto of sports shooters IPSC “Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas”, which translates to “Precision, Power, Speed”, we enter the world of airsoft weapons with the iconic model Hi-Capa, embodying these values in every detail.
The company VORSK is among the popular manufacturers of airsoft pistols, so it’s no wonder that after the successful RAVEN series, they decided to develop their own Hi-Capa models, a remarkable gas pistol (GBB) that has gained popularity among many players for its reliability and durability, especially in the world of IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation).
For discerning enthusiasts, VORSK has prepared Hi-Capas in the short 4.3, long 5.1, and stylish 5.1 Vengeance versions, available in many color combinations including versions with BSD micro-red dot sight for sports shooters and military enthusiasts who want a handy and reliable cannon for eliminating enemies. Its higher purchase price is easily overcome by its unique design, rich equipment, and top-notch and reliable construction, which is synonymous with Hi-Capa pistols.
This gas airsoft pistol offers an exceptionally realistic experience due to a strong blowback system (blowback), where each shot is accompanied by the characteristic sound of cocking the slide, and after the last shot, the slide remains in the rear position. Disassembly of the weapon is easy, and for maintenance of moving parts, silicone grease or oil is recommended.
The pistol is equipped with an extended magazine well for quick reloading, a comfortable grip with rough texture, and a spiral outer barrel with a compensator. Fiber optic sights and an RIS rail for attaching a red dot sight increase effectiveness and shooting precision. Inside the weapon, you’ll find a reinforced nozzle and a precise inner barrel with a diameter of 6.03 mm.
Advantages of VORSK Hi-Capa:

Material: Polymer body, aluminum slide.

Metal slide: Ensures durability and quality.

BDS Red dot sight: For fast targeting and accurate shooting

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