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The Vz.61 Scorpion is one of the most interesting submachine guns or machine guns ever made – this little thing, developed as a personal defense or emergency survival weapon for Czech tankers and officers back in 1961, was designed to fit right into a holster with the stock folded down and a ready magazine for 10 rounds!
Tokyo Marui has taken this cute little Vz.61 Scorpion “pistol” and given it a new modern look and style in the form of the Scorpion MOD.D (desert colour)
Compact Mechabox: The Scorpion MOD D features a compact mechabox specifically designed for small SMG models. Despite its smaller size, it provides an impressive range.
The M-LOK compatible system: These slots allow for easy attachment of additional M-LOK compatible rails using the supplied BTR wrench.
Collapsible stock: This lightweight polymer stock includes a foot rest that provides a secure hold on the shoulder while aiming. When folded, the stock locks onto the foregrip and can also be used as a vertical foregrip.
The Scorpion MOD.D’s reversible flash hider boasts a distinctive design with sharp points. But it can also be flipped to convert it into a flat cover. In addition, it features a 14mm CCW thread, allowing compatibility with a wide range of silencers or tarcers.
The Tokyo Marui MOD.D features a futuristic aesthetic. The outer barrel, trigger and breech cover have a golden color that resembles a titanium coating. There is a distinctive “waffle” pattern on the pistol grip and magazine that gives the gun a modern design feel.
EX Battery Adapter: With the EX Battery Adapter, users can use 7.2V Micro 500 NIMH batteries, providing convenient power options for the Scorpion Mod M pistol.
High Capacity Magazine: The Scorpion MOD.D comes with a lightweight, high capacity 260 round magazine with a recognizable “waffle” pattern. Please note that low or medium capacity versions are not available for this model. However, the Samopal is compatible with the classic AEG magazines for the Scorpion Vz.61.

Length: 337 / 565mm..