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Carbine 416 (SA-H22 EDGE 2.0(TM)) – Chaos Bronze


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The EDGE 2.0 (TM) series introduces a completely new quality to the Specna Arms replica family, adding new functionalities and innovations to the tried and tested design. As a result, Specna Arms EDGE 2.0 (TM) carbines offer an exceptional high level of craftsmanship and technical advancement straight out of the box.
What distinguishes EDGE 2.0 (TM) from the previous version?
– GATE ASTER (TM) chip
– Solar (TM) Trigger trigger
– Helium (TM) Flat Hop bucking
– High Torque engine
– ESA2 (TM) quick spring change system
Each element of the replica was carefully made and fitted with great attention to every detail, in addition to the finish of the body,Nano Coating was used to prevent wear and tear. The body features deeply engraved Specna Arms markings and an individual serial number with an additional hologram. Noteworthy details include the adjustable mechanical sights and a double-sided tactical sling mounting eye.
The replica has a 6.03 mm diameter internal precision barrel, which will ensure perfect accuracy and precision of shots. A new type of rotary Hop-Up chamber is compatible with the precision barrel, which allows for more precise and stable adjustment of the BB’s precision and accuracy. 
The Helium (TM) Flat Hop bucking, which was installed in the replica, will improve the stability of the BB’s and make the shots even more accurate.
The replica features a quick spring change system, ESA2 (TM). The system allows for a quick and efficient adjustment of the replica”s power to the requirements in the field of play, without the need of tool usage – just unscrew the stock guide to reveal the access to the spring, without having to remove or disassemble the gearbox. The advantages of the ESA2 (TM) system cannot be overestimated. The ESA2 (TM) system allows you to quickly, with little to no effort change the main spring, and thus adjust the muzzle velocity of the replica to the requirements of the game organizer. This guarantees an ideal compromise between the effectiveness of firing your shots and your own safety and the safety of oth..