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CM057 SVD-SVU/SWU Full Metal Bullpup Sniper Rifle AEG Black



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Airsoft Pioneer presents a replica that has been long awaited by Russophiles and enthusiasts of weaponry from beyond the Eastern border.  SWU is an airsoft version of a sniper rifle developed at the turn of 80s/90s, which was afterward used, e.g. during the conflict in Chechnya, remaining to this day a standard issue sniper rifle used by FSB and MVD.
In short, SWU can be described as a well-known Soviet sniper rifle redesigned into a bull-pup / stockless version. Therefore, the replica receives an enormous advantage of many bull-pup constructions – it allows to retain the long barrel with the overall length of the rifle comparable to that of an assault rifle. A sharpshooter wielding an SWU thus has a much better mobility and maneuverability – also in vehicles, indoors or in difficult urban conditions. Additionally, this version was expanded with the option of firing in a full auto mode!
The replica was made entirely of metal, steel elements include:
– dust cover and the lock latch – magazine casing – bipod with mount – fire mode selector plate – trigger guard
Similarly to the original live firearm, polymer parts include the cradle / grip panels, stock pad, cheek pad and the pistol grip. The replica features an integrated, foldable bipod and a silencer (with dampening filling) mounted on a 14 mm left-handed thread. Inside is a very long, 650 mm internal barrel that provides a high efficiency – it is also worth to add that the complete length of the replica is practically identical to that of a standard AK74. The heart of the replica is made up from a dedicated gearbox, which features, among others, a set of reinforced steel gears, piston with 2 steel teeth and a bearing-mounted spring slide. 
SWU can fire in semi and full auto fire modes – the rear part of the receiver features a winged selector, just like in SVD replicas. Next to the trigger – beneath the index finger – is a simple, sliding safety. The battery (stick type – included in the set) is stored inside the handguard. In order to remove the handguar..