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CYMA RPK74M AEG ( CM052A / Metal / Black )



REF: CY0275 Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 23675


The machinegun replica is made fully of metal and wooden elements. The replica’s body, the flash0hider,  the dust cover, the gas-pipe dummy and the bipod are made of steel and the other metal elements are made of ZnAl. The stock which holds the battery and the front-grip covering panels and the pistol grip with the magazine are the plastic made elements.
The long barrel (455mm) ensures a great precision of shots, the muzzle velocity of 420 FPS – a great range and the hi-cap type magazine holding 800 BB pellets ensures us that we will not be short of ammunition in case of a firefight. These features make the replica a perfect support weapon for any airsoft team. 
The Hop-up chamber is made fully of metal while the whole mechanism consists, inter alia of a reinforced steel gearbox frame equipped with 7mm ball bearings, steel reinforced thread-wheels and directional piston head. The replica is by default equipped with a M125 main spring that is located on a reinforced ball bearing spring guide.
The full compatibility with the classical magazines allows not only to use the magazines of your friend while an exhausting firefight, but also to use this replica as a sharp shooter’s weapon. The bipod which folds alongside the barrel will do its job in both cases, nevertheless, it is possible to detach the bipod with only little effort in order to lower the replica’s weight The replica ‘s stock may be folded in order to transport the replica.
The set includes:
– the replica – a magazine