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EPeS MK18 10.5” AEG – SERGEANT – Black/Tan



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Choosing a new weapon and already thinking about replacing problematic parts or boosting performance? You understand airsoft guns, but something always goes wrong during upgrades, and the result isn’t what you expected? Had enough of friends who “know their stuff” and end up giving you a piece of unusable junk?
That’s where the pre-upgraded EPeSní kvér with the label EPeSní MK18 10.5” AEG – SERGEANT comes in. It’s professionally assembled AEG using the most suitable parts on the market and most importantly, assembled by real experts. Our Epesní technicians put great effort into assembling and fine-tuning each individual weapon, as well as selecting the most suitable components for optimal performance in the chosen configuration. Additionally, the package includes 2 magazines!Epes offers 3 performance Levels for AEG weapons, which are:

SERGEANT (detailed list below)
MAJOR (upgraded parts and Maxx Pro chamber, ASG motor, CNC mechabox Retroarms)
GENERAL (upgraded parts and Maxx Pro chamber, Prom or Lambda barrel, Warhead motor instead of ASG, and CNC mechabox Retroarms)

Attention to detail on the external parts of the weapon is a given, just as you would expect from EPeS airsoft production. The all-metal perfectly fitted Mk18 from Delta Armory with 10.5” barrel and floating DD RIS handguard. The body is painted in matte black with sand-colored accessories for an elegant contrast.
To recap:

based on AR15 Delta Armory
all-metal construction of the weapon and perfect fitting of the body
black body and main parts of the weapon with stock, handguard, and grip in sand color
QSC system – quick spring change
weight of the weapon alone 2.46 kg
length with collapsed/extended stock 693/775 mm
length of inner barrel 290 mm
muzzle energy 1.7 J (approx. 130 m/s with 0.2g BB)
recommended ammo 0.25 – 0.3 g
recommended battery 2S or 3S lipol 1200mAh TGY (depending on desired rate of fire)
assembled in the service center of EPeS airsoft company in the Czech Republic
enormous lifespan of the weapon in this ..