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EPeS PAR MK3 16,5″ AEG – MAJOR – Black


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Are you choosing a new weapon and have a budget for a serious upgrade? Do you simply want to have the best and dominate on the battlefield? You understand airsoft guns, but something always goes wrong when assembling an upgrade and the result is not what you expected? Are you tired of friends who claim to know “it all” and end up giving you a piece of unusable junk?
Then upgraded EPeSní rifle labeled EPeSní PAR MK3 16,5″ AEG – MAJOR, professionally assembled AEG using the most suitable parts on the market and especially assembled by real experts, is here for you. The Epes technicians put great effort into assembling and especially tuning each individual weapon, as well as selecting the most suitable parts for optimal performance in the chosen configuration. Additionally, the package includes 2 push magazines right out of the box!Epes offers 2 performance configurations for AEG guns, namely:

MAJOR (detailed list below)
GENERAL (KM Head barrel instead of Maple Leaf, -new batch has Warhead motor instead of ASG-)

As for the external parts, these PARs have an official license from the Czech firearms manufacturer PROARMS ARMORY, so our czech patriotic heart will be glad that the CZ EVO, BREN, CZ-75, and vz.58 family will be extended by another weapon designed by “clever Czech hands”. Most notably, the durable body made of aircraft-grade duralumin is crafted to perfection through CNC machining, ensuring both durability and lightweightness, perfectly fitting together. The same care has been taken with the duralumin RIS handguard. The PAR MK3 series is offered in the MAJOR configuration in 4 lengths: 10″, 12.5″, 14.5″, and 16.5″, catering to both CQB enthusiasts and scouts/snipers.
To recap:

based on the licensed PAR MK3 from Delta Armory
full metal construction, body and handguard precisely CNC-machined from aircraft-grade duralumin
perfect fitting and extreme durability compared to standard ZnAl alloy casts
QSC system – quick spring change
individual weapon weight 2.7 kg
length with retracted/extended s..