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The Taiwanese company LCT produces some of the most realistic replicas and weapons on the market. It focuses on AK, AR, HK platforms. Their bodies are made of steel and copy the production processes of sharp originals. LCT replicas are known for high reliability, long life and attention to detail. The assortment also includes spare parts and a wide range of quality accessories.

The LCT RPK74MN is a replica of the Russian RPK74M infantry machine gun. The gun has a beautiful steel body that is identical to the original model. The machine gun has a long outer barrel on which we can find folding legs and a front sight. There is a mounting rail on the side of the gun body for placing optics. The stock is foldable just like the military version, the stock is made of polymer.

Realistic processing
Steel body
Polymer accessories
High performance
Quality internal parts
Steel wheels
9mm ball bearings
Collapsible stock

Package contents :

Magazine for 130 rounds

 Recommended battery:

LI-PO 11.1V