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M4 KeyMod (RRA SA-E07 EDGE(TM)) – Black/Tan



REF: SPARMS136-TAN Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 47710


Iconic assault rifle M4, this time in a short KeyMod version with an integrated shot amplifier and, most importantly, in the EDGE(TM) series by Specna Arms, which emphasizes excellent body processing with licensed markings from the firearm manufacturer – Rock River Arms. RRA supplies AR-15 carbines to law enforcement agencies such as the DEA, FBI, or US Marshals under a contract. This model is suitable for Mil-Sim events thanks to its real and licensed design.
Replica M4 KeyMod SA-E07 Edge is equipped with mosfet X-ASR from the Polish company GATE. It ensures safe switching and protects internal parts, improves trigger response, and extends battery life, also increasing the rate of fire of the weapon and allows the safe use of Li-Pol batteries 7.4V and 11.1V. Thanks to integrated status diodes, the mosfet is capable of diagnosing basic issues in the gun.
Already in the basic setup, M4 KeyMod is equipped with a precise main 6.03 mm, which increases accuracy. Furthermore, nowadays, the QSC system (quick spring change) is a standard, allowing you to install a stronger/weaker spring according to your needs. The spring can be replaced without special tools – all through the stock tube, without the need to pull out or disassemble the gearbox. Additionally, it is reinforced and includes premium internal parts, it can operate with springs up to M120 including (as stated by the manufacturer Specna Arms in the description of the ORION gearboxes).

High-quality metal body with Rock River Arms markings
Crane type stock for multi-part battery placement
Mechabox V2 with QD system ESA through the stock
Mosfet X-ASR 4th generation with reverse polarity protection and increasing the rate of fire of the weapon with T-DEAN connector in the stock
Reinforced polymer piston with all steel teeth
Aluminum nozzle
Aluminum cylinder head with dual sealing
Aluminum piston head with dual sealing and bearings
8mm ball bearings for quick operation
Set of gears with ratio 18:1
Rotary polymer hop-up chamber
Precise barre..