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Proarms Delta Armory PAR MK3 – 12,5″


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Airsoft PROARMS PAR MK3 is back, once ICS lost its license a few years ago, this model became unobtainable.
Delta Armory obtained a license to produce the Proarms PAR MK3 and brings this model as its best product to date.
External metal parts (body and forearm) are not made of zinc castings as we know from 99procent “Full metal” airsoft weapons, but in a way very similar to the production of sharp weapons – on CNC machines, specifically from the 6063 aluminum block.
PARka has a quick QRS spring exchange system – when you just remove the stock and tube and you can very easily replace the spring with another.
The hop-up chamber, as with other weapons, is of the Rotary type.

Internal parts in PAR MK3:

PERUN Mosfet made in the EU
Stainless steel Steel CNC cylinder
Stainless steel CNC steel spring mandrel QD
Stainless steel Steel precision barrel 6.03mm
CNC Piston Head
CNC Cylinder head with double seal
CNC Nozzle with double seal

A DMAG magazine for 130 bbs is supplied with the weapon.
The package does not contain a battery or charger.