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SA-46 CORE(TM) Machine Gun Replica
Specna Arms meets the expectations of clients by presenting the CORE(TM) line of products – an exceptional series of replicas that introduces a new quality to the market. An attractive price in combination with good performance as well as high-quality materials make this replica suitable for beginners and seasoned airsoft players alike.   
Some elements in Specna Arms CORE(TM) light machine guns were made of polymer in order to reduce their weight and make the gun more handy. Polymer parts include: the receiver, dust cover with a RIS rail, front sight with a base, stock, magazine and the pistol grip.
Metal parts include remaining elements such as the handguard with a set of RIS rails, the external barrel, magazine socket, buffer tube, flash hider and the stock pad. Specna Arms light machine gun features several steel parts: a bipod, external barrel lock, stock support, trigger guard, transport handle as well as all pins and assembly elements.
Replica Features:
– receiver made of polymer- lighter construction compared to standard M249 light machine guns available on the market- quick barrel disassembly system – foldable, steel bipod- adjustable tactical stock- RIS / Picatinny 22 mm rail set for the attachment of additional accessories- can be fed BOX magazine or a traditional AR15 (STANAG) magazine
The implemented in the machine gun replicas quick spring exchange system ESA(TM) enables a rapid and quick adjustment of the power of the replica to the conditions expected on the playing field without the need for access to a workshop or a set of special tools. The process of spring change lasts literally mere seconds – all that is required is to take out a single pin, pull away the stock latch and take out the spring guide along with the spring through the opening in the gearbox frame.
The replica is powered by a full-size, metal and heavy-duty M249 gearbox that is characteristic for its high durability and good reliability at stock. The mechanism is prepared for further tuning and ready ..