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StratAim Epsilon BB Grenade – Purple


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The Epsilon BB grenade holds a total of 106 bbs. All the 106 bbs are extruded with 200 fps after impact.
High end design and quality We designed the bb grandes in house. Manufactered in Europe with high grade aluminium CNC 7075. Same standard used in the airplane and armed market. All products undergo a high quality control. Looking for leaks and finishes.
Easy to use By far one of the easiest to use BB grenade on the market! You can maintain and open de grenade without tools. Reloading is super easy and easy to do in the field! The Epsilon fits in a standard 40mm pouch.
Technical facts Sizes: 42mm x 82mm Weight: 225g FPS: 200-240 fps with 0.20g bb
Package contains a safety pin.