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SW-020T Carbine Replica, short – TAN


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Firearms in the bullpup system have a long tradition and an equally large number of enthusiasts as skeptics. One of the advantages of this construction can hardly be ignored – it is possible to mount a really long and effective barrel while maintaining a relatively compact size of the firearm. It’s also important to note the aesthetic value – Bullpup firearms are simply unique and cannot be confused with anything else.
Bullpup rifles are characterized by one special feature – despite their compact dimensions, they have a relatively longer barrel than conventional rifles. This concept has always had fans and opponents, but they have had a firm place on the world market since the late 1970s, when an Austrian company perfected the concept and launched a design that was far ahead of its time.
Both the back and the front of the replica are equipped with tactical loops. Access to the hop-up is gained in the traditional way – after the loading handle is withdrawn and the cartridge ejection window is exposed.
The handle can be locked in the rear position. It is characteristic of this construction that the cartridge ejection windows are arranged on both sides of the receiver, which also makes it convenient for a left-hander. The muzzle flash damper (replica) sits on a -14 mm left-hand thread (CCW).
The battery of the SW-020T carabiner is stowed in the shaft. To access the battery, the rubber block on the back of the rifle must be removed. The dismantling of the entire Airsoft in two parts also takes only seconds. To do this, it is necessary to press a metal pin – a lock – and then press the fire selector lever and split the construction into two parts – the receptacle and the front part with the barrel.
The Airsoft has two tactical RIS rails : an upper rail equipped with a visor and a short rail that is included in the set with a front handle.
The airsoft rifle has a two-stage trigger, the first stage of which fires the replica fully automatically in half mode and in full action. The safety is located on the pistol ..