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Sniper Bolero Leaf – Partizan


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Every airsoft player loves the idea of being invisible. This shoulder ghille bolero is a great option for covering your head, shoulders and arms. Chest and back will still be uncoverd and accessible. Best when you are wearing a tactical vest or a chest rig backpack.
The hood has a wire in the front so it will hold its shape and not block your view. The hood also has cutouts on the sides so you don’t have to sacrifice your peripheral vision.
Does not need any further amendments. Just put it over your gear, and you are ready to go.

adjustable hood with wire for holding
sturdy hood with cutouts
cutaway front and back for access to your gear
net bands for attaching vegetation
3D leaves design

This Ghillie Leaf Bolero is optimized to fit the playstyle of a sneaky sniper as well as an aggressive assaulter. The lightweight and breathable 3D Ghillie technology allows for high mobility without compromising camouflage.
The Ghillie Leaf Bolero does not need any further amendments. Just put it over your gear, and you are ready to go.
The Ghillie Leaf Bolero works with all kinds of gear such as plate carriers, chest rigs or even backpacks. With the adjustment cords, you can fit it to whichever gear you’re wearing. Just put it on and be invisible to your enemies.
Buckles and Straps
Adjustable buckle make for a secure fit and allow taking off the Ghillie within seconds. Ghillie can be adjusted as well so you can fit it to your body shape. On top of that, the ends of the sleeves have an elastic adjustable cord sewed in to ensure that your sleeves stay down and cover up hands properly.