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BLS Precision pellets 0,32g, 3120 BBs – White



REF: 1KG-H32 Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 58296


BLS Pellets are suitable ammunition for all types of airsoft (6mm) weapons, whether it’s airsoft pistols, rifles, submachine guns, machine guns or sniper rifles powered by AEG, GAS, HPA, or Spring. BLS Pellets have been a proven brand for years and the best-selling BBs worldwide, and that says something. 
Taiwanese company BLS manufactures high-quality 6mm ammo with a tolerance of 5.95mm plus /- 0.01 mm, suitable for ultra-precise barrels even of 6.00 and 6.01. Pellets are produced in various weights, in both version – classic and BIO (environmentally degradable), which are required on some Airsoft fields.
Interestingly, BLS also manufactures pellets for brands like Madbull, Guarder, which is a guarantee of first-class quality. Thanks to the larger quantity of produced pellets, BLS is significantly cheaper while maintaining the same quality as the mentioned brands above. BLS Pellets go through manual output quality control and are measured in multiple places to guarantee quality!
The quality and cleanliness of ammunition, along with the barrel and hop-up rubber, are important elements for accurate shooting. It is therefore crucial to defend against impurities accessing the pellets (e.g., in the magazine during crawling, etc.). It is also necessary to clean the inner barrel from impurities that could adversely affect shooting results.

Approximate number of pellets in the package: 3120
Weight of one pellet: 0.32g
Material: plastic (classic pellets)
Color: white
Diameter: 5.95 mm plus /- 0.01
Package type: resealable bag, heat-sealed

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