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ULTRAIR Orange Power Gas (164 PSI) – 570ml (36PCS)


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“Mid-power gas propellant for colder-weather battle”
For players with gas blowback guns looking to retain recoil and keep performance levels as competitive as possible, without over-working their gun. Recommended for late autumn and early spring skirmishing, this 164 psi- orange gas ticks all the boxes.  
This consistent, high-power gas provides less drop-off in performance at lower temperatures, ensuring you’re always in the fight using your gas-powered guns – such as metal-slide pistols, rifles, and shotguns.
Like all the new Ultrair Airsoft Power Gas range, this product has been tested at a target temperature of 25° C/77° F. What’s more, this base test temperature is prominent on the front of the bottle as well.
Remember to use your gear responsibly and consider the individual limits of your guns/mags. To help you make a more informed decision on the type of power gas needed for your loadout, this gas has been tested at a broader temperature range, as highlighted by the handy temperature-pressure range table located on the back of the product.

570ml bottle
164 psi- medium-power gas
Recommended for use in late autumn and early spring
Durable metal nozzle

-Tested at 25°C / 77°F

Gas bottle cannot be refilled.
Gas under pressure – do not expose to heat or direct sun shine!
Extremely flammable!
Use only outside or in well ventilated areas. Do not inhale the gas!