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Covert Concealed Carry Shirt – Ozark Blue Plaid

REF: KO-CCC-CB-PD- Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 50966


There is probably no more low profile type of clothing than a classic shirt combined with the denim pants, and our Covert Concealed Carry Shirt is just the garment you need. Made of lightweight fabric in a classic plaid pattern it will help you blend in during any urban operation. Two classic chest pockets and one zippered pocket will hold all your essentials, but what makes this shirt truly unique is the fastening system. At first the shirt looks like any buttoned shirt, but when needed, a single strong pull reveals that the shirt is fastened with snap buttons, giving you instant access to your weapon, magazines, baton or anything else carried under the shirt. A microfiber patch for cleaning glasses has been sewn on the inside.

Zippered chest pocket
Closed with snap buttons
Dummy buttons on front
Two classic chest pockets