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TT Warrior Belt LC Multicam

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The Tasmanian Tiger Warrior Belt LC is an ideal piece for undercover missions. It’s a warrior belt with an extremely low profile, which can be attached to all different kinds of belts or tactical belts. The profile of the belt is ultra-slim and tapered on the front side, which makes it very comfortable to wear especially when sitting – you’ll hardly feel it and it doesn’t compromise your mobility. The 700DEN Cordura ensures that the material won’t let you down and the belt is as robust as you expect and need it to be. Included is the 4 LC M.O.L.L.E. height-wise slotting and on the inside; the hook velcro outside can be covered with non-slip material when it is not in use. – Low profile warrior belt – Ultra slim profile – Ideal for special forces operations – Made of 700DEN Cordura – Detachable inner belt – Tapered front for added comfort when sitting down – Covered inner Velcro for fastening to a Velcro underbelt – M.O.L.L.E. system in laser cut design with four slots