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The patented Gear Tie is the most versatile means of tying, tying, hanging and sorting or organizing almost anything you can think of. The Gear Tie consists of a strong inner wire that can be shaped and a durable rubber outer sheath. The solid wire also ensures that it holds the specified shape after shaping the Gear Tie. Gear Tie is designed for reuse. It can be twisted and tightened and is designed for use both indoors and outdoors under the open sky. Its flexibility and ability to maintain the desired shape make it infinitely useful and multifunctional. It can be used in both fresh and salt water without consequences. It is resistant to UV radiation, so it can be exposed to the effects of sunlight.
There are many ways to use the GT 6″. It is great for organizing and storing cables and electronics accessories. Organizing cables to walkie-talkies, attaching antennas to equipment. Organizing cables from computers, phone chargers and walkie-talkies. Securing coiled headphones. Or to download the fuse to the charge when you take it to the crime scene, it just depends on your imagination!

tying, tightening, hanging, etc.
for repeated use
waterproof and safe for use in salt and fresh water
UV resistant
durable rubber cover for a firm grip
to interiors and to nature in any weather
formable inner solid wire
does not scratch any equipment
twist, tighten, and still around
various colours
Gear Tie Multi Box offers different lengths and different colors
Gear Tie ProPack contains the same length and different quantities
size 6″ 2pcs

dimensions 152.4mm x 6.40mm
weight 3g