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Nite Ize GearLine organization system – outdoor


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The GearLine Hanging Organization System consists of a durable, strong strap with eyelets. Use double-sided plastic S-Biner carabiners in sizes #2 and #4 or Gear Tie 12″ wire to attach the strap. All in one package.
The equipment you want to have clearly organized and in one place can be hung on the strap using the attached carabiners, which you can catch in the integrated eyes. You can hang the GearLine both vertically and horizontally. Depending on what suits you best. You can also use GearLine to dry your gear.
The tactical variant includes S-Biner carabiners and Gear Tie in dark (sand) colors.

suspension system for storage and organization equipment
trekking, camping, hiking, house and garden
strong strap with eyelets
colored double-sided S-Biner plastic carabiners for hanging material

plastic carabiner S-Biner #2 – 5 pcs
plastic carabiner S-Biner #4 – 5 pcs
tying wire Gear Tie 12″ – 2 pcs

dimensions: length 1219.2 mm
weight: 127g