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Sleeping bag Tropen – Multicam

REF: CARIN054-185 Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 21977


Tropen is a lightweight sleeping bag with an extremely small package size and minimal weight. Its remarkable property is vapor permeability, which is very important for hot and humid tropical nights. Shelltrans shell fits freely over the internal structure and provides an extra layer of insulation without cold seams. This construction provides warmth for cold and foggy nights. In warmer weather, the bottom of the two-way zipper can be opened for ventilation. The hood is equipped with a mosquito net, which can be tilted out of the flap if necessary (the mosquito net is placed behind the flap in the front of the bag with press studs). The net can be easily attached around the hood with a small zipper that does not scratch.

Professional sleeping bag for special units (with mosquito net)
TROPEN (tropics) is a light sleeping bag that can be packed into very small dimensions using a compression package
An important feature is the excellent breathability, which is important on hot and humid tropical nights
The top shell rests loosely on the internal structure and forms another layer of seamless insulation. This construction ensures sufficient heat even on colder, foggy nights
In warmer weather, the bag can be ventilated by opening the bottom of the two-way zipper
The hood is equipped with a mosquito net, which provides protection against insects. The mosquito net is hidden in the folded state in the front part of the bag behind the flap switched by press studs. The net can be easily fastened around the edge of the hood with a special thin zipper, which does not jam and allows you to get out of the bag quickly at any time without difficulty.
At the bottom of the package is an ear for easy carrying of the bag
Construction: 1-layer construction with free upper shell, cut tapering from the shoulders down, trapezoidal shape of the lower end
Shape: mummy, side zipper on the left side
Zipper: two-way zipper with a length of 150 cm

Material: upper: 100procent Shelltrans polyamide microfi..