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SLICK DUMP POUCH is a versatile construction based on the successful Low Profile pouches series. The idea of this dump pouch was to make it as compact as possible, but still large enough to fit at least few carbine and pistol magazines. The external construction is made of wide elastic webbing, to keep the pouch flat when not needed. The stiffened, anti slip handle gives you the ability to deploy the bag with just one pull. Even though the bag is made of ultralight nylon fabric, it is extremely durable and won’t get damaged even when used with these sharp, metal magazines. The pouch is perfect mainly for CQB operations, when the gear should be as slick as possible to avoid snagging onto the environment. The pouch can also be used as emergency pouch for stashing evidence during search. The pouch is not only compatible with any MOLLE/PALS modular platform, but also, due to specially designed paracord loops, it can be mounted on any 45mm wide gun belt. Features:

Compatible with MOLLE/PALS
Can be mounted on any belt up to 45mm wide
Large enough to fit few carbine and pistol magazines
Can be used as emergency evidence bag during searches