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WST Tactical Chest rig D3CRM – Black


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This Chest Rig Micro has been designed to completely adapt to any event. The new multi-purpose inserts allow the operator to insert any version of the magazine he chooses, simply by replacing the insert with another using Velcro.
Micro means small, but the chest rig contains a lot of redesigned storage options and still works seamlessly with any accessory. Two side bags allow the insertion of pistol magazines or multitool or grenade.
The back is equipped with velcro and can be attached to the vest or supplemented with additional bags. Like its predecessor, it is designed and optimized for work in the city, in a vehicle or in nature and in other limited conditions.
The package includes an insert for 3 Stanag magazines, including plastic inserts that grip the magazine and prevent it from falling out on its own.