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Hi-Capa HPA M4 Magazine FUKU-2 Adapter – Purple/Green


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Explore new possibilities for your Hi-Capa pistol with the HPA Adapter FUKU-2 from CTM TAC. By connecting it to a regulator, your Hi-Capa will shoot more precisely, consistently, and for a longer duration. The adapter includes a slot for standard M4/16 magazines, including high-quality ones from PTS Syndicate.
Transform your temperature-sensitive GBB Hi-Capa with a low-capacity magazine of 31 rounds into the ultimate CQB beast capable of firing up to 250 BBs without reloading!
This adapter is compatible with Hi-Capa models from Tokyo Marui, WE, Armorer Works, KJW, Novritsch SSP, and more (verification pending by the manufacturer)! If you cherish your pistol enough to make it your robust primary weapon or if you’re into Speedsoft for speed, agility, and lethality, then CTM TAC’s upgrade accessories are the right choice. Build your ultimate CQB beast!

Main Features:

Body made of durable nylon with glass fiber reinforcement
CNC-machined aluminum 6061 magazine release button
Compatible with not only PTS Syndicate EPM magazines but also other brands of M4 magazines (G a P, GMAG, SMAG, etc.)
Enables stable and powerful HPA propulsion for your pistol

Proper Usage:
The standard working pressure for Green Gas is around 120 psi depending on temperature conditions. Therefore, we recommend operating pistols in the basic mode only at pressures near this range and advise against exceeding 140 psi, as higher pressures may lead to excessive wear and damage to internal parts.
For fully upgraded Hi-Capas with CNC parts, you can use higher pressures (at your own risk).
To use this adapter, you will need:

M4 AEG high-capacity magazine with a quality strong spring
HPA bottle
Low-pressure HPA regulator
HPA hose with a QD Foster
Standard Hi-Capa GBB magazine into which you install this adapter


Body Material: Durable nylon with glass fiber reinforcement
Magazine Release Button Material: CNC-machined aluminum 6061
Valve: 1215MS steel
Adapter Weight: 107 g

Package Contents: