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NOVRITSCH SSP18 CO2 magazine, 24rounds – V1


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Compatibility: Designed for the SSP18 pistol, this magazine offers high compatibility and flexibility. The SSP18 pistol accommodates both CO2 and gas magazines, allowing you to choose between CO2 and gas versions without compatibility concerns.Magazine Versions: We offer two types of gas magazines – V1 and V2. Both variants deliver the same performance, but the V2 additionally features extended CNC bases that can be screwed on, unlike the V1 version.Capacity: This magazine can hold up to 24 BBs, ensuring ample ammunition for longer gameplay without frequent reloading.Material and Construction: The magazine is built with an emphasis on quality and durability, incorporating CNC machining elements for enhanced resilience and longevity.
Equip your SSP18 pistol with this reliable magazine and gain an edge in every airsoft game!