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SRU – Airsoft PDW-K Conversion for Glock – Grey


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REF: SR-PDW-K-GY Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 23491


The prototype division is a new production line of the SRU brand.
SRUs apply 3D printing technology to production. This method leads to the expansion of concepts without restrictions and also allows for the much faster promotion of these amazing ideas from SRU designers.

PDW conversion kit for GLOCK guns (AEP / GBB)
Compatible with TM / Cyma AEP G18, WE / TM / KSC GBB G17 / 18/34/35
Made with 3D printing
Including frame, stock and RIS rail
Innovative design, shape and detailed signage
Versatile configuration for CQB or personal protection or concealed wear

The package does not contain a pistol!