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Bushing 5,9mm for Tokyo Marui Next Gen


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Work from full in CNC and treated with Tenifer process. 100procent MADE IN ITALY 100procent MARUI COMPATIBLE Technical features: – Work from full in CNC – Material: PR80 steel – Hardening treatment: Tenifer (Salitic Ferritic Nitrocarburation) This special low temperature thermo-chemical treatment in salt baths has been designed to greatly increase the surface hardness, fluidity and corrosion resistance of the material. We chose this treatment because it penetrates into the steel, making it much harder and prevents seizure; unlike the surface treatments that other companies do. This product is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy according to specifications by Ternisoftair, a company that has years of experience in repairing and preparing Tokyo Marui Next Gen products. The dimensions are: – external diameter: 5.9 mm – internal hole: 3 mm – thickness: 2.55 mm