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AEG ULTRA LIGHT Piston with Full Metal Teeth


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REF: ASPARTS133 Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 28225


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High-Strength Plastic Material

Maximum suitable spring

Lightweight design

13.3 g

Compatible with the gearbox
v.2, v.3, v.6, v.7 except special gearboxes (PSG1, SR25, L85, …)

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Producer: Airsoft parts
The main part of the ULTRA LIGHT piston is a lightweight plastic body, with full metal teeth.  The second tooth is remove to decrease the chance of pre-engagement by the sector gear.
The design of the plastic body is inspired by a bionic construction that ensures weight reduction. The high strength and stiffness was assure. Using this design, the weight of the piston was reduced to only 13.3 g.
The piston has a universal design for all AEG weapons except those with special gearboxes (PSG1, SR25, L85, …). For long life, we recommend using spring to force M130 and rate of fire up to 20 RPS.

Total weight of only 13.3 g
Increases FPS and reduces stress gearboxes
Durable plastic body
Full-metal teeth
Universal design