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AWS / MB44xx ZERO complete upgrade trigger set – Gen. 4

REF: ASPRO326-M140 Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 54623


Durable and reliable trigger mechanism is basic premise for a successful upgrade sniper rifle. Stock supplied trigger mechanism is sufficient for basic springs. But when you use stronger springs,  significantly increases possibility of the damage. Unfortunately you can`t avoid this even with cheap alloy triggers. Only steel machined mechanism can ensure the greatest durability.
Rifles working on a system Marui VSR or AWS have very bad piston catch system. It is capturing only a small edge and angle of 45 degrees. This is sufficient for relatively basic weak spring, but can`t hold stronger springs. In addition, 45 degree system lift piston end and cause jam in the cylinder. GET UP TO 530 FPS WITH THIS SET !!!!
Hybird Piston made of 4 kinds materials. Aluminium piston light body provides a great reduction for the weight, POM ring in the middle provides minimum friction against the cylinder, and the stainless steel rear part ensures excellent wear protection against the sear. Inner diameter is 13,3mm.
Spring guide is made of stainless steel material.  The outer diameter is 9 mm and it is designed only for the upgrade springs. Equiped with the bearing.
Springs in the set is M140 or M160 and result FPS is around 530. It is equal to 160 m/s,. Output FPS is affected also by HopUp rubber sealing so it may be different on different guns. Better performence can be reached by better sealing or precision barrel.
CNC trigger mechanism. Bring new CNC metal trigger mechanism with an entirely different solution. It holds piston at 0 degrees. (we call it Zero Trigger). Surface is larger and can hold stronge springs. 
Basic facts:

Body made by CNC machining from light, but durable aluminum alloy 6061-T6.
Aluminum parts with high quality anodized finish.
Piston catch, lever and the spring guide stopper are made of steel and hardened to HRC48-55.
The top of the trigger is equiped with ball bearing for the smoother trigger press.
Axis are made of stainless steel.
Two torsional springs safety returns catch to the ori..