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Complete upgrade cylinder set for your sniper rifle. It Include:
Durable cylinder  is required in case of any upgrade. Stock cylinder is made of aluminium and weak. It is easy to damage it with stronger upgrade spring. Our AirsoftPro steel cylinder was sucessfully tested on the strongest springs.Made on CNC machines.
Steel cylinder head made on CNC machines. Rubber pad safe your cylinders. Body has blackening surface.
Steel spring guide with bearing is made of two screwed parts with the thrust bearing in the middle.  The outer diameter is 9 mm and it is designed only for the upgrade springs. The advantage of this average is proper guidance and springs, compression spring with a stroke twist.Doesn`t  include inner hole.
Springs are offered in range from M130 to M190. You can simply select it bellow, befor add into shopping cart.
Hybrid piston made of 3 kinds metal. Aluminium piston body provides a great reduction for the weight, POM (polyacetal) ring in the middle provides minimum friction against the cylinder, and the Stainless steel rear part ensures excellent wear protection against the sear. Inner diameter is 13,3mm so you can use strong springs from our offer.  This new piston 2013 generation has improoved critical parts and extra rubber flat pad at the front for silent action.
Set is suitable for the most spring airsoft guns based on APS system. It means APS 2, EX a Type96 and china made copies MB-01, MB-05, MB-04, MB-08, L96 Warrior..etc.  Cannot be used for AGM MP001,AGM L96 MP02, 002, VSR,  BAR 10,  Marui AWS, Well MA4401, or. 2…etc.