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Upgrade set for Snow Wolf Kar98k rifles

REF: ASPRO428-M130 Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 53756


Upgrade set for Snow Wolf Kar98k bolt action sniper rifles. The package include five basic parts to increase performance. Does not require any gun modification.
Aluminum piston:

Unlike the original plastic, it is made of strong and light aluminum.
Provides greater durability.
Six air channels improove sealing.
The optimal diameter of the sealing o-ring ensures a very good seal and thus a high and stable performance.
Length: 79mm, outer diameter: 19.8mm, inner diameter: 12mm
Weight: 19g

Spring guide:

Made by precision machining of stainless steel.
Suitable for original SW and upgrade AirsofPro springs


Made of high-quality spring steel with proper heat treatment and ground ends.
Chemically blackened against corrosion.
The outer diameter of the spring is about 11.3 mm and has a length of 170 mm.
Springs are offered in the range from M130 to M140. According to the customer’s choice.

Spring guide stopper

Made of steel with a black finish.
Ensures maximum durability and, above all, precise axial spring guide seat in the cylinder (the original stopper is off-axis).

Piston sear

Made of steel with a black finish.