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CNC AK Cube for Hop up chamber


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This is brand new support cube for AK type Hop-Up chambers. Support cube is manufactured from aircraft dural EN AW 7075, what have strenght of steel and weight of aluminium. It is best material for high performance parts. Cube is milled on CNC milling machine and has protective anodizing of 5µm black and red color (0,005mm).
Cube supports Hop-Up chamber in AK’s body in straight line, so it won’t overturn. The original part in weapon’s body is made from plastic and don’t have any function.
Reloading the magazines is problematic because of wrong leading into the body. So we made a support cube with plate, which preventes from wrong putting magazine into the body. Magazine clip is leaded by support cube’s plate into the right position in body. It solves problematic reloading with magazines and offer’s even fast reloading without damaging your mags.
Plate is connected to the support cube with two durable bolts M3 x 10 mm. Plate is not fixed part of support cube, because it would be impossible to install this into the body.
Installation guide
Disassemble your gun and remove Hop-Up chamber from the body and remove the original plastic cube. You can replace Hop-Up chamber for CNC RetroArms, or you can use your own. Connect Hop-Up chamber with two included flat-head screws (you gonna need 2,5 mm hex key). Connect support cube to the Hop-Up chamber, but without leading plate, and put it to the body. Assemble your airsoft gun in the usuall way (gearbox, body parts, etc.). Last step, connect the leading plate into the cube with two included screws with countersunk screwes (you gonna need 2,5 mm hex key) seal the leading plate and screwes with thread glue (your option). That’s all, only one negative is slower disassemble of the gun.
The support cube fits into the every type of AK airsoft replicas, which have Hop-Up chambers with plastic cube (see picture). This support cube don’t fit into the bodies which does not have plastic cube, for example AK47 with plastic body.
Package includes

1pcs CNC support..