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60° Shark HopUp rubber – 1x sillicon


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REF: MB0012 Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 57560


The 60 degree Hop-Up rubber is a little softer that the normal 80-90 degree hop-up rubbers. Thanks to this it is easier to install and use.
The hop-up rubber is made of silicone thanks to what is keeps its properties even in low temperatures while it does not become hard just like in the case of normal rubber. It performs perfectly in both, typical and below zero temperatures.
Thanks to the application of the special blocking system known as the “Shark Hopup”, there can be only one BB pellet in the chamber. In some cases, thanks to this hop-up rubber, the replica gains better FPS properties.
Package contains:

sillicon hopup bucking
1x stability snob